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Monstrous Entry

Halloween is coming!! :D Halloween is my favorite time in the year, and the only one when I'm allowed to use my powers without getting punished for it. Since I don't cross the line, of course.
Oh, I didn't introduce myself, sorry. My name is Scotty, and I'm a Magic user. I'm a 16 year-old girl, in high school, and I love to trick the others. Even though I'm like every other students, and a good student, actually, man, I love tricking the others more than the normal people. Because I have Magic in my power, and, that makes my pranks a whole level superior. They don't know I control Magic, only my best friend, her name is Holly.
In my best pranks, I made some chairs Flash-Mobbing in the middle of a class, with students sat in them!! Oh my god, it was soooooooooo funny...!! Me and Holly (and the others, except those that were grabbed to their chairs. And of those some, the majority was laughing. Only 3 were scared as hell XD) laughed until the air ended. Even the teacher laughed, even though she was trying not to, we could see it. What musics did they danced...? Thriller,... and Gangnam Style. Oh my god, it was so funny, really!! XD The chairs dancing Gangnam Style was the best thing I ever saw... XD So far.
Other one was with food. We were in the school refectory, and, out of nowhere, the food raised of everyone's dishes, and started to argue in the air. Some students fainted, because they thought they were hallucinating, I bet...!! Once again, me and Holly laughed 'till death.
And I already saw other Magic users shows. I'm not alone. In my school, there are, at least, three more Magic users. I know one of them, and every week, we go to a place far from the more full places in town to train. Holly goes with us.
I think I'm having a crush for him.
Ahhm, offtopic.
Halloween is tomorrow, and I'm going out with Holly, so, I need to think of something to do. Will I dress something different...? Something invented by Magic? I can do that in Halloween's day, because I'm allowed to use my Magic with no punishments. What am I going to dress...? What will 'WoW!!' them...?
I'll see later.
And now, it's time to go. I need to sleep, in order to recharge my energy. And I don't mean only my body energy, but my Magic energy too.
See you tomorrow.

Aaaaaaaaah...! Halloween is an inspirational day for me...! XD
I'm having some ideas for things to do tomorrow, so,... Let's just say I like the mystery, and the dark things, instead of rainbows and light stuff (I hope I'm not offending anybody).

Hope you like it.

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October 30, 2012
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